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My Method for Planning Social Media for a Month

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We all spend hours a day on social media, double taping all the cute animal photos on Instagram and scrolling through Facebook avoiding the posts from that one friend who shares a little too much. But as easy as it is when your just posting fabulous photos from your last trip to Europe, trying to do social media for a business just does not come naturally to most people.

I will be the first to say, It isn't a walk in the park for me either. There are so many "rules" out there for social media "Best Practices". The best times to post, how often, what hashtags to use, how to beat the algorithms. Many businesses are hiring people just to do it for them because it's so hard to keep up!

Although there are some fantastic Social Media Managers out there I am a big believer that the best social media should come directly from the business. It should give your customers insight into your world, it should build trust in your brand, and be raw and authentic. There is no one better at knowing your business other than you.

Whenever I tell this to my clients, the next question is always Sooo WHAT DO I POST ABOUT?

With all of the tactics and rules out there it's very easy to get overwhelmed and end up struggling with what to post about. In fact, it's the number one complaint that I hear from my clients when discussing their social media. It's not easy being creative all the time.

So I have created a super simple step by step guide to creating a social media calendar for a whole month at a time!

I wanted to make this printable for anyone that just needs a little help getting those creative juices flowing. This guide will walk you through the process I use to fill up that calendar with ease. It comes with easy to follow explanations of each step, 20 already thought of posting ideas, a detailed example of how I would fill out the calendar, and a blank calendar for you to use for yourself!

You can purchase the printable here for instant download, and have access to it right away!

But of course, if you're still looking for customized social media help, don't hesitate to contact us today. We offer monthly social media consultation packages to help give you posting ideas tailored to your business, plus other tips and tricks to help build your audience and increase your engagement.

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