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Outsourcing Your Inbox

What is the first thing you do when you get to work? Odds are you open up your inbox and those little unread notifications suck you into a tunnel of junk mail, unneeded subscriptions, with a few important emails buried under the clutter. Sound familiar? In fact, according to the Adobe Email Usage Study of 2019 Americans spend over five hours a day dealing with their emails; that’s 25 hours a week that could be spent on business generating activities instead. Managing your own email inbox is a bit like consuming empty calories; you are busy but not efficient. Now just imagine getting that time back. Here is just a few reasons why outsourcing your inbox to a Virtual Assistant is the quickest way refocus your time and get those hours back.

But I Can Do That Myself

Now you may be thinking, “Emails? That’s such an easy task I can do that myself”, Well sure you CAN, but is it really worth your time and money? Yup, I’m talking about delegation. It is a scary word for many entrepreneurs and small business owners. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, “Delegation remains one of the most underutilized and underdeveloped management capabilities”. But think of it this way, as a small business you need to leverage every penny of your resource to its maximum. As the old phrase goes; time is money, so that means passing along time consuming tasks to free yourself up to focus on growing your business.

It truly all boils down to this, if your going to be spending hours of your day filtering responding and searching for emails, chances are you probably won’t get much done. You open one email and then all of a sudden, your heading down this rabbit hole that distracts you from the real priority tasks on your list. So, let’s clear out those distractions so you can get your time back.

Set the Rules

Outsourcing your emails to a virtual assistant isn’t as scary as it might sound. It’s your email account, your VA is just there to do all the heavy lifting and organizing for you. And to do that all they need is to follow the rules you set.

The majority of emails will fall into the same predetermined categories, and with each category there is a set of rules to follow to best fit your process. For example:

  • If an introduction or new business email comes in, templates are written for the specific way that you always respond or additional information that you need

  • If a billing inquiry comes up, it gets forwarded to the appropriate accounting person

  • If a VIP emails, a text is sent right away to notify you of the importance

Having a clear and defined rules system is key to freeing up valuable time. If you want to keep every email just in case, no problem, but let’s put them into a folder for quick access if you’re looking for it.

Your New View

Just imagine instead of having 1006….2458..or even 4780 unread emails, you have 5. And all of those are of upmost importance. You no longer have to scroll for days to find that email from Karen from a few months ago, it’s saved in a folder and marked as important. Outsourcing your inbox gives you the satisfaction you get when clicking “unsubscribe” but on a massive scale. In fact, your VA has unsubscribed to all of the junk newsletters you get and those that you still want to read are saved in a folder for you to read now that you have the time to sit for a minute. Gone are the days of missing that important VIP email, and now you have time to write a personal response and build up that relationship.

Most people could delegate or automate many more tasks in their daily lives if they give it a try. In fact, Tim Ferriss has been an advocate of this idea for over 10 years since writing his bestseller, The Four-Hour Workweek. And as Forbes explained it, Fortune 500 CEOs have known the importance of utilizing admins for years, so what is stopping entrepreneurs and small business owners from doing the same?

Want to learn more about how to outsource your inbox and other ways to optimize your time as an entrepreneur and grow your small business? Contact us today and customize your service.

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