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Why Responding To Your Reviews Is Critical

Exceptional customer service has been a pillar of business success for years, and the most relied upon recommendations are those of word of mouth. In the digital world, we live in today many of those WOM recommendations come from review sites and social media channels. These days, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This is why responding to your reviews and comments is an opportunity to amplify your exceptional customer service practices and increase your consumer trust.

Show Them You Care

Reviews and comments are no longer just a one-way conversation for you to get feedback. It’s a portal for a conversation with your community; the people who have directly used your product or service. These people took the time out of their day to leave you a review, good or bad, they started the conversation, so it's up to you to grow that relationship.

Whether the comment was positive or negative, a personalized response can turn a digital hunk of coding into a real human behind that screen. Your customers want to know you not just your product. Responding to their review or comment, shows them you care what they think and that they are an important part of your mission. Even Google support stated responding to reviews shows that you value your customers and the feedback that they leave about your business.

Tend The Garden

You’ve spent a great deal of time and effort attracting customers, and retaining them is just as important. Maintaining your existing customers helps you build a large, reliable customer base. And strengthens the pool of customers you can count on to repeatedly purchase from you. You’re at least 40% more likely to convince an existing customer to buy from you again than you are to convert a prospective customer.

When an existing customer leaves you a review, they are sharing their experience with their friends, family and the rest of the world. And not only it is opening the door for you to interact with them again and strengthen that relationship, but it’s also a chance for you to spread your reach into their circles and turn one existing customer into many. Creating a web of valued and reliable customers.

Build Trust and Transparency

Today, now more than ever, trust is a key indicator of business success. Everyone can build a good website. But, when you see hundreds of glowing reviews it inspires confidence in a business, and customers are more likely to trust that they’ll receive top-notch care and excellent service. According to Forbes one of the most influential factors in building trust is other customers’ reviews. Every interaction is an opportunity to build relationships and nurture trust. By displaying reviews and testimonials you are providing social proof from other satisfied customers that you are a trusted business.

When you combine positive reviews with personalized responses to all your reviews, you are creating an impenetrable fortress around your brand's reputation. Many times, it's your responses that will attract new customers to your business. When they see you responding to all your clients and observe how you handle difficult situations, most people will trust you to do a good job or to do the right thing if you don't.

So why is responding to your reviews critical? Think of it this way. A customer of yours, happy or not, decides to announce in front of 20 other potential customers how their experience with your business was. Would you respond to them or simply stare blankly until they went away? Of course, you would respond! If a customer is so grateful for your service, they chose to share their experience with the world, wouldn’t you want to thank them personally? And if a customer had a bad experience, wouldn’t you do everything you can to fix it and prove you are trustworthy and honorable?

So how can do you implement those same practices on social media and review sites such as Yelp? Contact us today to discuss our options for Social Media Maintenance.

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